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Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is located in the U.S. state of Washington between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, nearly 108 miles (174 km) south of the United States–Canadian border in King County, of which it is the county seat.

Interesting places to visit in Seattle would include Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Public Library, Seattle Children's Museum, Space Needle, Seattle Monorail, Pacific Science Center, and the Experience Music Project.


Other City Webcams

Site Name Description
Seattle Traffic Web Cams Live traffic webcams based in Seattle Washington from Washington department of transportation.
EarthCam: Seattle Web Cams Multiple webcams of downtown Seattle, Elliot Bay, the Cascade Mountains and an amazing view of the Space Needle!
Bainbridge Island's Ferrycam Web Cam An up to the moment webcam look at the entrance to the Winslow ferry on Bainbridge Island to Seattle, Washington.
Bob's Lake/Airport Web Web Cam Webcam View of Lake Washington and the Renton Airport from Bob's deck in Seattle, Washington. 10 minute updates.
Metro - Seattle Web Cams EarthCam's best webcams of the best in Seattle.
Experience Music Project Web Cam Webcams view the EMP construction site from the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.
Falcon Research Web Cam Observe a pair of wild Peregrine Falcons nesting from Washington Mutual Bank building in downtown Seattle. 5 minute webcam updates.
Froggy Web Cam See Otis, Mcbain, and Claire hopping around for the FroggyCam in Seattle, Washington. 5 minute web cam updates.
Frostpaw's Space Needle Web Cam A great, close-up webcam of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. 5 minute web cam updates.
Highrise Web Cam A webcam from the 6th floor of the Humphrey Building in downtown Seattle, Washington. 60 second web cam updates.
KING 5 Queen Anne TowerCam Webcams view overlooking downtown Seattle, Washington, from Queen Anne Hill.
KIRO-TV Eye of the Needle Web Cams Webcams view Downtown Seattle from high atop the famous Space Needle.
KOMO ABC 4 Seattle Web Cam Great webcams view of downtown Seattle, Washington and the Space Needle from Queen Anne Hill. Updates every 1.5 minutes. FishCam Webcam view overlooking Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle, Washington. 60 second updates.
Law Office Web Cams Live webcams view Downtown Seattle and the Space Needle, with weather and other links
Little Sisters on Mr. Showbiz Web Cam As two Mr.Showbiz staffers keep an eye on the CBS show Big Brother, you can keep an eye on them in Seattle, Washington.
Marcam - Pike Place Market Web Cams Live webcams shoot from The Garrigan Lyman Group offices of the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.
Mike@Work Web Cam Watch Mike at his work in Seattle, Washington. 2 minute webcam updates.
Morpheus Web Cam Watch two 20-something guys living in the Seattle, Washington area during their day to day lives. 15 second webcam updates.
NBC Intellicast, Seattle Satellite image of the weather over Seattle. Updated every three hours.
Nookie Web Cam See almost anything including felines from a home in this Seattle, Washington webcam.
Pargman Oasis Web Cams Webcams view the Pargman family's home in Seattle, Washington. 1 minute updates.
Relaunch 2000 - Live the View Web Cam Watch the $20 million renovation of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington with these webcams.
Seattle BirdCam See the excitement at a busy birdfeeder located on the edge of Carkeek Park in Seattle, Washington. Woodpeckers are commonly seen. 10 minute web cam updates.
Seattle LoftCam Webcam of Elliot Bay and Puget Sound from downtown Seattle. Webcams update every minute.
Seattle Seahawks Web Cam A webcam view of the construction of Seattle Seahawks' new stadium. 3 minute updates. A parody of all the sexy live web cam sites out there. 15 second updates.
SSCC Fish Web Cam Watch the fish in the amazing fish tank inside Computer Services at South Seattle Community College, Washington.
The jrjCam View JRJ in his natural habitat: his Seattle office. 10 second web cam updates.
The Kitty Cam: 2 cute kitties! See what Nadjalene and Pawpi, 2 kitties, do all day in Seattle, Washington. 10 webcam minute updates.
University of Washington Web Cam A view from the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle. Webcam updates every 1-5 minutes.
What's Wendi Dunlap up to Web Cam? View a screen shot of Wendi's Mac in Seattle, Washington. Webcams update every 5 minutes.
What's Will Up To Web Cam? View of Will's Mac screen in Seattle, Washington. Webcam updates every 5 minutes.